Christmas Gifts For Sporty and Workout Girls - 2021 Edition!

What should I get a sporty girl for Christmas? Christmas gift tips for her? Or perhaps you wonder what to buy for your girlfriend? Then you have come to the right place!

Shopping for Christmas gifts is not always easy. Especially if the person in question has - apparently - everything. One thing is for sure: You can never get enough sportswear! We have put together a list with some suggestions for what you can buy, whether you are looking for a Christmas gift for a sporty sister, Christmas gift tips for your girlfriend, a gift for mom, a strong grandmother, a Christmas gift for someone who runs, a gift for someone who loves yoga or simply a Christmas gift for someone who is rocking the sporty look!

But, I'm not sure about her size!

No problem! You have the right to exchange until 15 January 2022. This means that if it is the wrong size, or maybe she just wants to exchange for something else, it can be done till next year.


I do not know what she likes, but I know she wants something sporty!

She’s sporty? Then we can recommend the BARA Sportswear Gift Card!

All gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions on how to use them. Choose between 50, 75, 100, 150 and 200.

Scroll down the article to find the Christmas gift that suits her best.

Christmas gift for a sporty sister

Simple, fashionable and "Booty Shaping" - this is a tights that your sister will love! If she doesn't like pink, it is also available in green and black.

Dusty Pink Pocket Tights are a must-have in your wardrobe. These tights have nice, simple and shaping details. Two large pockets on each side ensure that you can have the most essential things by hand when you need them.

Complete the set with Dusty Pink Pocket Tank Top.

Not transparent and 100% squat safe!

Buy Dusty Pink Pocket Tights


Christmas Gift for Girlfriend

The ultimate everyday dress! This dress is perfect for your girlfriend to wear to work, or maybe you are going on a date later that night? This dress is super flexible with a 4-way-stretch and comes in a timeless ribbed design. The fabric provides a shaping and comfortable fit.

The dress is also available in black and mint.

Buy a longsleeve dress

Complete the look with a Black Teddy Jacket!


Christmas gift for a sporty mom

Are you looking for a Christmas gift for mom? Then she's going to love the Khaki Pocket Tights. These tights can be used at the gym, but also as an everyday "pants". The Khaki Pocket tights is simply a must-have for the wardrobe. They come with two large pockets on each side, which makes it a dream to wear at the gym, but also in everyday life.

Complete the set with Khaki Pocket Tank Top

Buy Khaki Pocket Tights


Christmas gift for a sporty grandmother

Simple and classic. Basic Tank Tops are the type of sportswear that fits all outfits and stays in place through all types of activities such as yoga, running and strength training. They also fit perfectly with BARA Print Tights.

Make the gift for grandma complete with a classic White Cap! The cap protects against the sun and makes any outdoor activity much more comfortable. It comes with a black, embroidered logo and has adjustable clips at the back.

The cap is also available in pink and black.

Buy White Basic Tank Top

Buy White Cap


Christmas gift for a runner

Our Reflective Shape Tights is just perfect for runners. The tights come with a special anti-shake fit and have just the right amount of compression. The tights are also high waist and will bring you the support you need while running.

We also added an extra logo on the leg to make you even more visible in the dark. 

The Reflective Shape Tights are of course non-transparent and 100 % squat-proof.

Buy Reflective Shape Tights


Christmas gift for the yoga lover

Looking for something for the yoga lover? The Hydra Tights is absolutely perfect for this. The Hydra collection comes in a beautiful, deep blue colour and has a gorgeous, harmonious design. When you wear this, you feel sporty, fashionable and close to the sea at the same time. 

Enjoy 100 % freedom of movement and support! The high waist provides a natural hold-in, without being too tight or slipping down. The tights are also 100 % squat safe! Which means that you can do all kinds of yoga exercises and feel completely confident!



Christmas gift for a girl with a sporty look

This is the ultimate everyday dress, which is perfect for a girl with a sporty, everyday look! The dress comes with long sleeves and has a flexible fabric with a 4-way stretch, which makes it incredibly comfortable to wear!

The dress also comes in grey and khaki (mint green).

Complete the look with a White Teddy Jacket.

Buy Pale Pink Ribbed Longsleeve Dress


Christmas gift that surprises her - BARA Mystery Box

The great thing about a Mystery Box is that you have no idea what you are getting! The only certain thing: You save money and you get items that are Mystery Box Exclusive! The value of the Mystery Box is: 113.

What do you need to know before you buy? 

Size of top and bottom (sports bra and tights).

What do you get in a Mystery Box?

That’s a secret (giggle, giggle) 😉

What we can say is that if you give a Mystery Box as a gift, the person will receive a brand new tights and a Sports bra - that has never been in the store before. The value of the box is at full price: At least 113. This means that you get a minimum of 33 % discount. The tights are a brand new model that we have never published anywhere else before. You can be sure that this is something completely new! It will probably only be possible to get these tights through the Mystery Box - so be quick, it sold out in a hurry last time!

Choose between Mystery Box Basic and Mystery Box Print (NOTE: Not available at the moment … coming soon!)


Christmas gift for her - under NOK 500

Everyone needs a good pair of sports bra - preferably multiple! Aurora Sports bra is a very popular sports bra due to its good properties and fit. They give you the support you need and are made of a breathable fabric that keeps you dry. The design is meant to match the Aurora Tights and is made of the same comfortable fabric as our favourite tights.

Buy Aurora Sports bra

This simple, classic cap is perfect for working out all year round, or as a nice detail to your outfit. Protect yourself from the sun with this fashionable accessory. The cap has a black-on-black embroidered logo and is adjustable at the back with metal details. 

Size - One Size

Buy Black Cap

Working out at home has become this year's hit. With this 3-pack of Elastics Bands, the exercise from home is complete! These are the ultimate elastic bands for all of your workouts. The set has straps with three different lengths that effectively help you activate the muscles. These bands can give you a real booty burn! Use them during strength exercises such as squats, glute bridge or deadlifts.

Use them at home or take them to the gym. The anti-slip design keeps them in place and feels comfortable - even against bare skin. The elastic bands are made of cotton and are extremely durable. 

It comes with a small bag for storage so you can take them everywhere and is ready for a workout at any time!

Buy Pastel Resistance Bands 3-pk


Christmas gift for her - under NOK 1200 (training set: Tights + Sports bra)

A set with both tights and sports bra is the dream gift - especially when it is as beautiful as the Camelia collection. Camelia is a part of the Shape Collection (which is super popular, just look at all the positive 5+ reviews!).

Camelia Shape Tights have an extra high waistband and are made with a special "anti-shake" fit and just the right amount of compression.

The sports bra has wide shoulder straps. This to make sure that you feel comfortable while working out and for everyday use. The bra has medium support with removable pads. We simply want to wear this all day!

Buy Camelia Shape Tights

Still Unsure? Let thousands of women decide what she really wants!

Our top 10 best sellers:

  1. Black Pocket Tights
  2. Mystery Box (choose between Mystery Box Basic and Mystery Box Print)
  3. Pastel Resistance Bands 3 pk
  4. Harmony Shape Tights
  5. Dreamer Shape Sports Bra
  6. Leo Shape Tights 2.0
  7. Dawn Sports Bra
  8. Camelia Shape Tights
  9. Lily Shape Sports Bra
  10. Feather Shape Tights 2.0


Still, still unsure? Maybe you want to talk to some of our friendly support staff? They are more than happy to help you find the perfect gift for her and have lots of experience in choosing the right size! Contact:

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