How to spot a fake BARA Sportswear account on Instagram

Want to find out whether that BARA Sportswear message on Instagram was real, or whether it was a fake account? Find out everything you need to know about fake BARA Sportswear accounts and what you can do to report them.

Attention BARA Family: The wannabes are back!

As we’re growing as a brand, many unethical people with bad intentions seize the opportunity to try and fool our amazing followers with fake Instagram accounts. We’ve got a number of reports from followers letting us know that they’ve gotten messages from suspicious accounts, claiming that they have won different giveaways etc. 

Sadly, counterfeiters have become incredibly skilled at making some pretty convincing fake accounts, and that’s why we feel the urge to give you a heads up and what to look for.

These fake advertisements and sites not only mislead you into thinking you have won something, but they also want you to click on links, giving away sensitive, personal information and in some instances result in you falling victim to a financial scam.

Here’s how to spot a fake BARA Sportswear Account on Instagram:

1. Our account is @bara on Instagram. The account looks like this (see picture). If the account isn’t named @bara, it’s a fake account.

BARA Sportswear Instagram Account

NOTE: We do own two backup accounts, but those are not active and just to make sure that counterfeiters won’t steal our name. Those accounts are called: @barasportswear and @barawear. They look like this (see picture).

BARA Sportswear Backup Accounts

2. If someone says that you have won something and that you need to click on a link to “claim your prize”, that’s not us. We always tell winners of giveaways to send a DM to our Instagram Account @bara, and we always tag the winner in either Instagram Story or in the actual giveaway post.

A typical fake account message looks like this:

Fake Instagram Account

What to do if you’ve spotted a fake BARA Sportswear Account on Instagram, or have been contacted by a fake account?

  1. Do not click on any links or give away sensitive, personal information if they ask for it – we would never do that.
  2. Go to the fake Instagram profile, on the top right corner, click on the three dots and choose “Report” > “Spam” or “Fake Account”.
  3. After you’ve reported the account to Instagram, go back to the same three dots in the top right corner and click on “Block”. When you’ve blocked an account, they can’t contact you anymore.
  4. If you want to talk to us, or give us a heads up about a fake account, contact us either on Instagram @bara (DM) or send a message to:

How to report a fake instagram account

So, if you come across a fake BARA Sportswear Account on Instagram, or advertisement in any way, shape or form, we ask that you please, please report the account to the social media platforms in question. This will help us a lot, so we really appreciate it if you can do it!


Here you'll find links to the official BARA Sportswear store and all other social media accounts:

STORE/BLOG: (there might be an “no”, “us” etc. in front of the link, depending of your country)

The Norwegian site, for example, will look like this:








Main page:

Community page:


BARA Sportswear:


BARA Sportswear: (there might be an “no”, “us” etc. in front of the link, depending of your country)

The Norwegian site, for example, will look like this:

Stay Safe,
The BARA team

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