What To Look For in Yoga Tights and How To Choose The Best

Here’s a guide to help you find the perfect yoga tights!

Perhaps you're a yoga master, or maybe you’ve just started with yoga. Nevertheless – finding the right yoga tights or leggings can be the difference between a good and a bad yoga session. 

Just think about it: Yoga is supposed to be all about the body and the mind in harmony, about breathing, flexibility and inner strength. With that in mind, what happens if you’re in a pair of yoga tights that constantly slip down, feel uncomfortable against the skin or restrict your movements … it can easily distract you from being present in your yoga practice.

Whether you’re taking a yoga class, exercising outside, or just lounging around the house, yoga tights are a great choice of attire. But what to choose and how to select the best yoga leggings for your needs? There are so many different styles, colours and patterns to choose from, it can be hard to pick the right one. Thankfully, there are a few ways we can help you narrow it down to help you select the perfect pair for your needs.

Tights lengths yoga

Yoga tights: Choose the right length

Yoga tights/leggings or pants usually come in three lengths: 

  • Full length
  • 7/8
  • Capri

Depending on your height or personal preferences, there is no way saying what’s the “right” choice. That must be up to you! 

> Read more about tights lengths here

All of the yoga tights lengths have different pros. Full-length yoga tights are perfect for someone who needs to stay warm, needs the extra compression or support, or perhaps just to feel more “dressed”. 7/8 yoga tights may be a good choice for someone who wants or needs bare ankles for some of their exercises, and Capri yoga tights may be a good option for someone who easily gets overheated.

Your height may also play a factor in which length you choose. If you’re petite, full-length yoga pants might pool around your ankles. Both the 7/8 and the Capri may be a good option! If you’re super tall, Capri yoga pants might end too far up your leg for your liking. In that case, I would recommend “full-length” tights.

What to look for in yoga tights

Yoga tights: Fabric, compression and qualities 

High waisted, high compression or sweat-wicking materials? What’s most important to you? Most of our tights are high waisted, but they all vary in compression. If you're looking for more comfortable yoga tights, we would recommend tights with low compression. If you like more support, high compression tights would be a better choice.

Want to know which tights have the most and least compression? Take a look at our compression guide for tights.

We asked members of the BARA Community which tights model they prefer for yoga, mindfulness or pilates, and here are some of their top answers:

  • Shape Tights
  • Print Tights (Tundra, Base, Wind etc.)
  • Pocket Tights
  • Shape Tights 2.0

«As of now I use pocket tights [...], the soft fabric and little compression made pocket a favourite for this type of activity.» 
– Sandra

«For me, I think all tights can be used for yoga [...].»
– Tiw

«[...] I have also used all for yoga, even winter tights … I like Icon & Shape best since they somehow really melt best into the skin and are softer and flexible.»
– Linda

«I like Shape for Yoga for 3 reasons: 1) They're soft and have light compression. 2) They're high waisted so they don't slip or roll down. 3) They don't have any seams down the leg (except the inseam) to restrict the movements.»
– Kristine

Yoga pants can be thick or thin, depending on what you like. If you plan on doing a lot of movement in your yoga tights, lightweight material is the way to go. If you want to wear your yoga pants out and about, try going for thicker material.

Here’s a list of our tights specially made for yoga:

  • Namaste Tights
  • Lux Tights

Yoga tights and what to look for

Namaste Collection

Take a deep breath and feel the harmony within; Namaste. When we made this collection, there were two things, in particular, we wanted to achieve: Full freedom of movement and inner peace. The Namaste collection is created especially for yoga and mindfulness. With these tights, you can move completely freely, and if you liked Lux ​​Tights – you’ll simply love these! The tights come with a belly band pocket for keys etc. Available in the colours: Black, Emerald, Latte and Maroon.

> Buy Namaste Tights

Sizing: Choose your normal size

Not sure about your size? Take a look at our size guide for tights

Complete the set with a Namaste Long Sleeve.

Lux Tights

Confidence is essential when working out. Black Lux Tights is both flattering and engineered for performance. We created a new kind of fabric to make your favourite tights even more comfortable with our signature sculpting fit.

We added a small amount of compression for better muscle recovery, a high shaping waist and a small pocket inside the waistband to fit your key.

Sizing: Choose your normal size

Not sure about your size? Take a look at our size guide for tights

Add a Lux Zip Bra with a zipper in front to make your outfit complete!

Yoga tights: Squat proof and non-see-through

Doing yoga, sometimes you’ll find yourself in strange positions, and most of those times, you don't want your underwear to show. Finding yoga tights that are squat proof and non-see-through is essential and luckily for you, all of our tights and leggings are 100 % squat proof and none-see through, so you don’t have to worry about that – no matter what tights model you choose.

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