Your Guide to The Best Women’s Compression Leggings

What are compression leggings and why should you get a pair? This is your guide to the best compression leggings for women and what to look for before buying.

You've probably heard it before: Compression leggings (or tights) are often referred to as many of the must-haves in a modern sportswear wardrobe? 

Why? Hang on and we'll give you a quick run-through on all you need to know about compression leggings.

First things first ...

What are compression leggings/tights?

Leggings (or tights) with compression are form-fitting sportswear worn by athletes or people who like to stay active. Compression garments in general are pieces of clothing that fit tightly around the skin and are designed to help increase blood flow, reduce muscle fatigue, and prevent strain. Many people wear compression leggings during exercise and after exercise to fully benefit from the sportswear recovery benefits.

What are compression leggings/tights used for?

Compression leggings are usually worn to enhance performance or recovery speed while working out, doing sports or other exercises.

Other reported benefits of compression leggings:

  • Keeping the muscles warm to prevent muscle strain

  • Sweat-wicking (to prevent chafing and rashes)

  • Pain relief (from muscle stiffness and soreness)

  • Stabilizing joints

Do BARA's tights have compression?

Yes, all of BARA's tights have compression – some more than others. When shopping for compression tights or leggings, we recommend that you decide on a few things first:

  • What are your personal preferences when it comes to fit and other features? 

Do you like your leggings to be tight or more of a loose fit? Do you like high waist? Black or printed tights? Do you need a place to put your mobile or keys?

  • At what setting will you be wearing the tights and what activity will you be doing? Perhaps you're a runner? Weightlifting? Yoga? Kickboxing? HIT?

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What BARA Tights has the most compression?

Note: Level 4 has the most compression, and level 1 has the least compression.

Compression level 4:

All Print Tights (without “Shape” in the name):

  • MEDIUM HIGH WAIST: Pink Ice Tights, Tundra Tights, Black Signatur Tights, including Black Mesh Tights
  • HIGH WAIST: Pink Feather

Compression level 3:

  • Icon Tights, Power Tights & 7/8 Tights, Identity Tights, Black Hiking Tights

Compression level 2,5:

  • Shimmer Tights, Black Snake Tights

Compression level 2:

  • Shape Tights (& Shape Tights 2.0), Shape Print Tights, Capri Tights, Reflective Tights, Pocket Tights, Energy Tights, Black Maternity Tights, Empower Pocket Tights, Camo Tights, Courage Tights, Pocket 7/8 Tights, Urban Tights, Black 360 Reflective Tights, Black Golden Tights

Compression level 1:

  • Namaste Tights & Winter Tights 2.0


    The size you choose will also have an impact on the compression. If you like your tights to be on the loose side, some of the compression benefits may be reduced.

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    What are BARA's best compression leggings?

    If you're into leggings with the most compression, I would go for tights from the Print Collection (without "Shape" in the name).

    How tight should compression leggings be?

    Compression leggings are worn like a "second skin", but they should still feel comfortable and allow complete freedom of movement. When that being said, wearing a compression legging from BARA is not supposed to hurt! It should be skin-tight, but never give you any pain. If it does, you probably should go up one size.

    Your-Best-Guide-to-Womens-Compression-Leggings-01.png Your-Best-Guide-to-Womens-Compression-Leggings

    How to put on compression leggings?

    Compression leggings should be put on as you would when dressing in stockings/pantyhose. Gather the leggings at your feet and start pulling them up one leg at the time. If they're very skin-tight, try gently rolling them upwards your leg, over your thighs and up to your hips.

    And don't be alarmed if you hear a "breaking" sound the first time you try them on. The sound you may hear is the basting stitches. The basting stitches are used to hold the fabric when sewing it. Normally we make it "break" when the product is finished, but sometimes we don’t pull the fabric hard enough, so the stitches don’t break completely. These stitches are only supposed to be temporary and they’re meant to be removed/broken. That's why you may hear a breaking sound the first time you try on new tights.

    Where to find plus size compression leggings (XL, XXL or XXXL)?

    Right here! We got compression leggings in plus size. Choose from all our types of leggings, both black, print, high-waist, with pockets, tie-dye etc.

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    What is the difference between compression leggings and compression tights?

    Language difference:

    When it comes to languages, leggings and tights may not be referring to the same, depending on where you live. In Norway, we use "tights" for sportswear, but in the US e.g., they may use the word "leggings", as tights more often would be referred to as "pantyhose".

    The difference in usage:

    Unlike traditional tights or leggings, compression leggings are worn for specific medical or athletic reasons. The first compression leggings were worn to prevent varicose veins and other vein diseases from progressing into conditions such as deep vein thrombosis. Some also use compression stockings/pantyhose for medical reasons (flying, pregnancy etc.).

    Does compression leggings make you look slimmer?

    Compression can give the illusion of a slimmer look. This is because compression leggings are "body-hugging" and essentially “shapes” your body, making it look thinner and more contoured.

    Can you wear compression leggings all day?

    We'd say yes – why not? Wearing compression leggings every day can boost blood circulation and provide other benefits as listed above.

    Is it compression in Capri Tights?

    Yes, it is! Our Capri Tights have a level 2 compression. See the full compression list above.

    Does your Pocket Shorts have compression?

    Yes! All of our pocket shorts have 2/4 compression, unless otherwise is stated.

    How to wash compression leggings/tights?

    Wondering how to wash your leggings in the machine? Follow these 5 easy steps to take care of them, making them last workout after workout!

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