5 tips for running in the dark

Winter is coming, and so is the darkness. Here are our five best tips for running in the dark, how to stay warm & visible with reflective clothing.

In some parts of the globe (at BARAs HQ in Harstad included), we have polar nights. The polar night is a phenomenon where the nighttime lasts for more than 24 hours that occurs in the northernmost and southernmost regions of Earth. This occurs only inside the polar circles. The opposite phenomenon is called "polar day" or midnight sun. As inhabitants above the arctic circle, we have become specialists in dressing for both cold and dark environments. And we'd like to share some key points in how to dress properly – and safe!

Reflective running gear for women

1. Be visible in the dark

When running outside, and especially when it's dark, you need to make sure that you're visible. There are many ways you can be visible: Dressing in brights colours, bringing a headlight etc., but we strongly recommend dressing in reflective clothing – and we got multiple options for you!

We recommend reflective running gear such as:

It's worth mentioning that if you dress in regular clothes when running outside in the dark, you are only visible at a distance of 25–30 meters. If you dress in reflective clothing, on the other hand, you'll be visible at a distance of 140 meters when encountering a car. Converted to seconds, the driver has 10 instead of 2 seconds to react, and that can be the difference between life and death in worst-case scenarios.

Although most of us know that it is very important to use reflective clothing or reflectors, surveys show that only 4 out of 10 Norwegians use it (Trygg Trafikk, 2020).

How does reflective clothing work?

We got multiple options for you if you're looking for reflective clothing. We got tights and sweaters with reflective print. The reflective print has highly reflective glass beads coated in the surface of the fabric that works by reflecting light to the light source only, such as a car's headlights. In other words, the reflective print only lights up for the person with the light source or in line with it.

Reflective running gear

2. Stay warm

Getting cold while working out can ruin a workout. That's why dressing accordingly to the weather is crucial. We got multiple options for dressing for cold weather: Jackets, Fleece, Winter Tights, Winter Long Sleeves, Hiking Pants and more. 

Our winter tights, also called Thermal Tights, are perfect for running and training outdoors. The Winter Tights have a 360-degree reflective print, a pocket that fits your phone and a brushed inside for heat regulation that'll keep you warm on colder days. The winter tights are designed to improve performance, make you visible and keep you warm. Note: The tights have stay-warm technology, which means that as long as you are active / moving, they'll keep you warm!

The thermal tights are of course non-transparent and 100% squat proof!

Read more: Everything you need to know about dressing for running outside in cold weather

3. Use spiked shoes

Darkness plus cold, slippery conditions equal danger. I've personally faceplanted on multiple occasions because of this, and I can't say enough how important it is to wear proper shoes when running during winter – especially when it's dark. A good pair of spiked shoes will get you a long way! If you don't like running in spiked shoes you should at least look for shoes designed for off-road running.

4. Use a headlight

If you live far away from a city, the distance between streetlights can be far between – particularly in rural areas. With a headlight, you're more likely to feel safe while running (because you can actually see where you're going) and you will be more visible to others too. A headlight combined with reflective clothing is the best way to dress when going for a run in darkness.

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