Helene Drage’s Top 5 BARA Favourites!

Certified personal trainer, dietitian and mother of dogs – this is Helene Drage and her 5 BARA Sportswear favourites of all time!

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Helene Drage's top 5 BARA Favourites



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Who’s Helene Drage? 

I’m 32 years old and from Fredrikstad, Norway. I’m a certified personal trainer and dietitian, and I have a bachelor's degree in history and as a medical secretary. I’m married and have two dogs.Helene-drage-topp-5-bara-favs-khaki-ribbed-longsleeve-dress

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What are my hobbies?

Working out: Strength, aerial hoop and aerial silk. I’m currently training at a pole studio in Moss, where I have tested both pole dance, dancing with heels and chair dance. This is also where I do aerial hoop – which is my favourite form of exercise during the day. I also love reading and read 2 books a week. I am also very active in social media and have my own Youtube Channel (it’s on pause right now, but will start up again soon!).



I have a long history struggling with obesity, but with hard mental and physical work I’ve managed to accept myself and build my self-confidence. Body and appearance isn’t everything! This is a topic I am very passionate about and is something I talk about a lot. In today's society, people are prone to believe that if you don’t look a certain way, you’re not good enough – and that’s wrong! Self-confidence and acceptance can go hand in hand while addressing personal problems like health or obesity.

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BARA ambassador

I'm a proud BARA ambassador. Not just because of their high-quality sportswear, Norwegian design and good customer service, but because they have a large selection – up to size XXXL! Being able to wear beautiful and functional sportswear – even when you’re overweight – really does something to your self-confidence. BARA Sportswear fits almost everyone! In today's society that’s priceless!

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