Play Date!

Meet our ambassadors in @TeamStronger and learn more about their acrobatic, fun pictures. Maybe it isn't as hard as it looks like? Be inspired! 

Grab your workout partner and bring him or her on a different workout this week! It could be your friend, your partner or someone you want to get to know better! Take them to do acroyoga! It's the perfect workout to do as a couple. Start with some basic poses, like flying on each other as you did as kids. When you feel comfortable and ready, try some more advanced poses!

On our Instagram account @TeamStronger you can get inspiration on workouts and acroyoga poses to do with a partner.

You can also check out our hashtag #TeamStrongerChallenge to see pictures and videos on our followers acroyoga journey.

Workout, play and have fun!

Play dates are not only for kids 😉




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