Why invest in high-quality hiking pants?

There are many hiking pants out there, but which hiking pants should you choose? And why choose to invest in proper hiking pants? Here's everything you need to know about hiking pants for women.

The sun is shining and the mountains are calling. You dress accordingly for the weather, pack your bag and start the long walk towards your destination. There is not a cloud in the sky, and it looks like the perfect day for a hike… then the weather turns sour. The wind starts to increase and there is light rain in the air. It gets really sour and you start to freeze. You are not wearing hiking pants and regret it instantly.

Women wearing Hiking Pants in the colours: Khaki and Black

Hiking pants are worth investing in because they are suitable for several types of weather. In other words, you are prepared for weather changes. BARA's Wilderness Hiking Pants are an easy choice when hiking. These are comfortable hiking pants with several nice features that we think you will love. The hiking pants have tapered legs with button-adjustment options, which makes it easy to get the trousers to fit in a hiking shoe, or on the outside. The hiking pants are also made of wind and water-repellent materials that ventilate moisture in an efficient and comfortable way, which means that you do not have to stress about packing rain clothes. The hiking pants have reinforced panels in the front, knees and seat, which provide adjustment options in the hip and ankles for a better fit. The hiking pants also come with several pockets, so you can carry everything from keys to your phone and other essentials needed for hiking.

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What is the difference between shell pants, softshell pants and hiking pants?

Shell pants are pants that are completely waterproof with a membrane from brands like GoreTex or Dermizax. How efficiently they transport moisture and sweat depends on the membrane and tape used in the pants.

Softshell pants are made of softer materials than shell pats. They work well as outerwear and have insulating properties. Softshell trousers are very comfortable to wear, the fabrics are comfortable against the skin and they usually have good stretch qualities.

A hiking pant is a general term for “pants that are used going for a hike”, and can actually consist of everything from shell pants to softshell and "regular" hiking pants. BARA's Wilderness Hiking Pants are a hybrid between shell- and softshell pants, as they are made of water and wind-repellent materials. The pants are made of a breathable and moisture-wicking material, feel comfortable to wear, but also have reinforced panels on the front, knees and seat - which makes it more robust against various types of wear. On the side of the thigh, there is a long zipper that can be opened all the way up for better ventilation, which makes it an ideal choice when you need more airflow.

A white woman, sitting in front of a natural spring of water. She is wearing a red Hiking Pants from BARA Sportswear.

Is There An Alternative To Hiking Pants?

Do you like to go hiking in tights, but are afraid of ruining the fabric when you sit down on the mountain in your favourite tights? If that’s the case will Hiking Tights be the best choice for you. These tights are more durable than regular tights and have reinforced panels on the seat and knees, so you can safely sit down without being afraid of tearing the fabric. The hiking tights have an extra high waist and two pockets on the side, so you can take both keys and mobile with you when you go out for a walk.

White woman wearing a Black Hiking Tights from BARA Sportswear. The picture shows a close up of the Hiking Tights' pockets.

What is the difference between Hiking Tights and Hiking Pants?

The biggest, and most obvious difference, is that Hiking Tights are tights, and Hiking Pants are pants. The garments have different properties and offer different features. You choose the one that best suits your preferences.

What kind of hiking pants should I choose?

When choosing hiking pants, you should look for pants that can be worn in and under several types of weather conditions and seasons. It is a good idea to wear hiking pants that have ventilation openings that can be closed and opened with a zipper. Then you can easily regulate the temperature based on activity level. This means that the pants have a much larger area of ​​use than trousers without ventilation openings. 

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A good pair of hiking pants should also have several pockets, preferably with and without a zipper. Adjustment options in the waist and in the legs (ankles) are also a plus. It is important that the trousers have a good fit that gives full freedom of movement during all activities, at the same time as it has a relatively narrow fit. Then you avoid the pants getting caught in obstacles, or that it feels unnecessarily heavy. 

It is also a good idea to choose hiking pants that are wind and water repellent. Be sure to choose a size that gives you room and the opportunity to have wool underwear underneath, so you can also use the hiking pants during colder seasons.

In other words, investing in high-quality hiking pants is a smart choice. To summarize:

  • Function: Choose hiking pants that have features that are important to you (pockets, adjustment options, ventilation etc.).
  • Fit: Choose hiking pants that feel good to wear and are suitable for most activities.
  • Type: Hybrids are often preferred, as these can be used for several seasons and/or weather types.

Happy hiking!

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