Why you need Hiking Pants on your next adventure – and what to look for

Womens hiking pants – are they worth it? And what to pack for a day's hike? Here are some Q&As about our newest Outdoor Collection.

Is it better to hike in outdoor pants or shorts?

That depends on where you're going and if you can expect sudden changes in the weather or climate. Shorts (and we got some great shorts for hiking too!) provide freedom of movement and are cooler than hiking pants, but if you’re encountering harsh weather changes, such as rain, wind or even snow, hiking in shorts may be a bad idea. That’s why we always recommend packing hiking pants if you're going on a day excursion – even if the weather forecast looks good.

What’s smart to pack for a day's hike in Norway?

In the woods, you can get by with less gear compared to what you'd need for mountain hiking. 

But for a standard day’s hike, we would recommend the following:


Woman's Hiking Jacket

Other hiking gear to pack:

  • A sitting pad
  • A thermos with something warm to drink or warm water
  • Food and snacks
  • 1–2 water bottles
  • Toilet paper
  • Sun Cream (SPF high)
  • Sunglasses
  • A caps/hat
  • A flashlight
  • A small backpack

Keep in mind that in the mountains, winter weather can occur in the spring, summer and autumn, thus extra warm gear is required.

Last but not least: Don't overpack and don't bring too much!

What pants are best for hiking?

It depends on where you’re going: Climate, the length of the hike etc. When going on a mountain hike, or camping in the woods, a full length Hiking Pants would be the better choice. Why? Weather changes in high altitudes are not to be taken lightly. A full length hiking pants compared to shorts can save body heat if the temperature drops or if the wind intensifies. In some areas of the world, you have to watch out for insects too. In some parts of Norway, for example, a full length hiking pants is a smart choice because of ticks, wasps etc.

Women's Hiking Pants

Why is it important to wear Hiking Pants when you’re on a hike?

The importance of having quality clothes while on a hike will vary depending on the degree of your adventure. If you are exploring a harsh environment in challenging conditions, you'll need high-quality hiking pants. They’ll keep you warm, dry and comfortable.

Are hiking pants worth it?

Oh yes, they are. They’re lightweight, comfortable and quick drying. Hiking Pants also have the durability you need if you’re looking for a garment that will last on multiple hiking adventures. With reinforced panels on both the seat and the knees, outdoor pants are more likely to stand the wear of time compared to e.g. jeans.

Hiking Jogger Pants

What’s good about BARAs Hiking Pants?

Our hiking jogger pants have: 

  • a drawstring that you can adjust for a more personal fit
  • an elastic waist
  • reinforces panels on the seat and knees for increased durability
  • a shape that fits curvy figures
  • an ankle zip – making it easier to fit hiking boots
  • multiple pockets

They are also:

  • Water and wind repellent
  • Made of a durable material
  • Lightweight
  • Quick drying

  • Can you use BARAs hiking pants in cold weather?

    Our Hiking Pants can be used in cold weather to some degree, but if the temperature drops below zero we recommend using winter pants. If you would like to wear our hiking gear in the fall or early winter season – dress in wool, part wool or synthetic underwear underneath. This will keep you warm.

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